We can custom hangers

We have custom hanger business, it including material, size, printing, style etc, such as material, you can choose plastic, wooden, acrylic, metal, and style including, cloth shoes coat pants shirt skirt etc. besides we can print your own logo or your own design on hangers. we try our best make minimum quantity as lower as we can, welcome to send email to us we will give you our best offer.

We can wholesale hangers

We have wholesale hangers business,With as little order as possible, you can choose the style you want from our website or price list. Send an email to our salesperson. We will get back to you as soon as possible and give you the best offer. Mixed wholesale can be transported by sea, which can reduce a lot of cost and ensure you get the best price. Welcome to consult

About us

THG hanger co., ltd. covers an area of 8000 square meters with a workshop of 5000 square meters. With more than 150 employees and over 25 technicians, our company is specialized in producing various kinds of metal hanger, plastic hanger, wooden hanger, and special hangers. Cause we are direct manufacturer, we can give you more better price than other suppliers. welcome to send email to us.

What we can custom for hanger


We can custom hangers, for material you can choose, wooden, plastic, metal, wire, acrylic and some special materials. with our low minimum quantity order you.

Logo and Printing

We can custom your own logo or your own printing on hanger, such as engraving logo or some printing logo all can custom make on hanger. details you can send email to us.


We can custom any color you want, you can choose from pantone C, give us the pantone number. we can follow that make the hanger body, hook and any place color as you want.


We can custom any shape, even your own design is very special, we also can do.if you not have designer we also can help you creat design.


We can do any size as you want. adult size, kids size, men and women, teenager, any age is possible. no need worry about that.


Final step is custom make the packaging, it have packaging box, packaging bag most. and carton box. all can add logo and all can custom.

Plastic hanger

Plastic hangers are currently mainly used PP, PS, KR, ABS is the most common plastic hanger raw materials.The shape is mainly divided into two categories, one is a flat and long frame, and the other is a wider and shorter body.

360° rotatable scarf hanger
Baby windproof drying rack
Children hanger
Plastic gray white hanger

Wooden hanger

Wooden hangers are generally used for suits, because the wooden material can be modified at will, unlike plastic that require a large amount of mold to open the mold. The wooden hanger are absorbent and absorb moisture, dust and moisture from the wool suit.

Children’s adult solid wood pants clip
Home dress hanger
Thick wood hanger
Children’s solid wood hanger

Metal hanger

The aluminum and metal hanger is mainly made of aluminum alloy material. Compared with the traditional wooden or plastic, the aluminum hanger has the unique metallic luster and texture, which is refreshing and more fashionable.

Space aluminum gold drying rack
Dip metal drying rack
Multifunctional stainless steel hanger
Space aluminum hanger

Other Hanger

We also have multi functional non-slip hangers and acrylic hangers. Acrylic have crystal like transparency, excellent weather resistance, high surface hardness and surface gloss, and good high temperature performance.

10-claw multi-purpose rack

Flat Acrylic Transparent Hanger

Multifunctional drying rack

Plain five-layer pants rack

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Why Choose Us

  • Direct manufacturer
  • Fast delivery
  • Free stock sample
  • Fast custom sample
  • OEM design
  • Quality control system
  • Return and refund

Fast reply

We reply customer as fast as we can 7days per week, generally within 20 minute, except we are in deepnight.

Fast delivery

We make each order within 15days if quantity large will need more little time. other order within 15days can finished for you

Quality control

We try our best to give you best price but also have to make quality as good as we can, we have our own quality control system

Good price

Due to we are direct manufacturer, we have good price in production hangers, you can get better price from us.

Technical experience

We have more than 10 years of experience, we have seen any type of product, we can solve it for you.

Return policy

We have aftersale service including return policy and refound. details you can send email to us chat with us.