Hangers can be made in wood, wire, plastic, rarely from a rubber substance and other materials. Some are padded with fine materials, such as satin, for expensive clothes, lingerie and fancy dresses. The soft, plush padding is intended to protect garments from shoulder dents that wire hangers may make. It includes:

The types of hanger material

The technology of hanger material



The types of hanger material introduce.

Classification of clothes hangers: generally, they can be classified according to raw materials and uses.According to material hangers, they can be divided into: metal coat hangers (aluminum hangers, iron hangers, alloy hangers, etc.), Wooden hangers, plastic hangers, flocking clothes hangers, and cloth hangers.Clothes rack can be divided into male and female suit clothes rack, female fashion hanger, men’s casual clothes hanger, underwear hanger, t-shirt and shirt hanger, children’s clothes hanger, hotel clothes hanger and so on.


The technology of hanger material  introduce.

Wood technology and working procedure: the wood used for making clothes hangers usually can be produced below 18 degrees of dry humidity before drying. If funds are allowed, timber can be hoarded and naturally dried for the best (which requires a lot of backlog of funds).Wood with insect eyes will not be used. The export of wooden hangers should be carried out in accordance with the provisions of the commodity inspection law of our country. Only after obtaining qualified procedures can they be exported (according to the requirements of the importing countries, some of them must be fumigated).The production process of wooden hangers is mainly composed of four major processes: blank, frosted, paint and assembly.