The custom logo hangers we provide are friendly to clothes and will not cause annoying stretches, wrinkles or tears. From affordable and less durable options to expensive and longer life options with unique shapes and designs. Optimize the service life of clothing. Custom logo hangers are suitable for different groups of consumers and clothes made of different materials and styles. It includes:

The material of hanger logo

The steps of custom hanger logo



The material of hanger logo introduce.

Choose to customize the logo hanger according to the type of material, including wood, wire, metal, velvet, plastic, fabric, satin, and bamboo, all of which are designed to be durable and very practical. Get extra-large, compact or standard options, including hugable, sculpted, lined, tubular, single-pole, forged, and flocking designs. These must-have household tools have a variety of functions, including clamps, ultra-thin, rotating, and many other interesting functions.


The steps of custom hanger logo  introduce.

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