Selection of wooden hangers

Wooden hangers are the mainstream of the hanger market. Putting it in the cupboard will enhance the taste of the family’s male and female owners, and placing it in the mall will increase the charm of the product and make the garment look more upscale.

First of all, since the wooden hangers are made of wood, they must pay attention to the moisture of the materials. If the moisture is not well grasped, the wooden hanger is easily deformed. When we choose, we can dip a little water on the wooden hangers. Slow or non-dip, indicating high water content.

Secondly, the wooden hangers will add some substances in the production process, which is harmless to the human body within the national standards, but some manufacturers of wood hangers will have excessive formaldehyde in the binder. Therefore, when choosing a wooden hanger, you must smell it. If you have a pungent smell, you should be cautious.

Again, buy hangers to pay attention to see if the surface of the hanger is smooth and wrinkled. If the surface of the hanger is not smooth, it is easy to cause damage to the clothes.

Finally, when buying wooden hangers, you must first understand where your hangers are to be used, and what styles should be used for the environment and color. Only wooden hangers that are in harmony with the environment are the best choice.