Looking for hanger size markers? Perfect for organizing hanger, size markers, perferm and so on. What’s more, perfect for organizing hanger tags, price tags, labels wedding favours, handmade soaps etc. These hanger style markers’good quality are very durable. These hanger size markers are great for organize your garments, handbags and other clothing tags, saving space. Colored hanger sized markers crease clothes tags can help you get started hanging on socks, shoes, etc. It includes:

The feature of hanger size and color

The style of hanger size and color



The feature of hanger size and color introduce.

These hanger sized markers are ideal for hanging clothing and accessories. These hangers are perfect for hanging garments such as boots, misting guns, garden hoses and so on. At the same time, these hanger sized markers are ideal for personal and office use. These plastic hanger size tags are especially designed for hanging garments and can save space when following the size chart.


The style of hanger size and color introduce.

Wooden clothes hangers show their personality in any closet. Just like plastic hangers, they provide a variety of styles for each type of clothing. Thick and curved hangers are best for custom suits and jackets, as well as knitwear and sweaters, robes and evening wear. The curves of these hangers will protect the shape of the garment and provide the support needed for heavier suits and jackets. Look for notched arms to hang lace-up tops and dresses. For skirts, look for wooden hangers with removable clips. A hanger with a trouser bar or clip can ensure the safety of the trousers.